Social Proof For SaaS & Software

If you're not Facebook, Google, or at least Hubspot - most people simply don't know you and your website. Want to have more sign-ups or demo requests? Then you have to instantly show that you already have customers, visitors, and that you can be trusted.

Track Conversion Rates

Veltis run notifications as an A/B test to show you the exact result of how much it improves your sign-ups or demo requests.

No Code Needed

No coding skills required at all. Just copy and paste a code snippet into your website template

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Real-time Social Proof Notification Examples

Designed especially for SaaS & Startups

Recent Demo Requests or Sign-ups

Show all the individual sign-ups or demo requests that have happened recently on your website. this will help you build social proof showing that customers are buying from you right now!

Jonathan  (London, UK)
just signed up to and started 30 days free trial!
4 minutes ago

Total Number of Sign-ups or Demo Requests

This notification shows the total number of people who have recently signed up, started a free trial, or requested demo on your website in a given period of time. Show visitors that others are actively using your service!

19 marketers 
signed-up to and started using social proof notifications on their sites!
in the last 2 hours

Live Visitors Counter

The notification shows the number of people currently viewing your site. This helps your potential customers make a better sign up decision since they see others online on your site.

28 people 
are viewing this website right now!


Build trust by presenting your competitive advantages. Five years in the market? Thousands of sign-ups? Show off this information to your website visitors!

2 years in the market! 
1300 customers. Average +15% conversion rate boost.

Total Number Of Visits 

It presents how many people visited your website in the given time period.

695 people 
people visited our website searching for social proof app
in the last 2 hours

Reviews & Testimonials 

Chose your favorite reviews or testimonials and show them in front of your website visitors. Build trust by presenting the best opinions about your service.

"Immediate impact on our conversion rate. Spending only 10 minutes integration time we boosted our sign-ups conversion rate by 10%!"
Mark, 7.05.2020

30 Days Free Trial

Try for 30 days free or until you get at least a 5% conversion rate boost, whichever happens first.

No credit card required. 1-minute registration. 3-minutes integration.