Social Proof for Landing Pages

Showing visitors how many others have downloaded your lead magnet recently or signed-up to your newsletter will increase their desire to do the same.

Veltis notifications don’t interrupt scanning your landing page content – they are a visitor-friendly, much less intrusively pop-up alternative.

Make your sign-up easy and irresistible!

Boost Success Rate

We run notifications as an A/B test to show you the exact result of how much it improves your landing page success rate.

No Code Needed

No coding skills required at all. Just copy and paste a code snippet into your website template

Alternative Text
Alexandra  (London, UK)
just downloaded our e-book "100 Proven Ways to Use Social Proof"
4 minutes ago

Real-time Social Proof Notification Examples

Designed especially for landing pages

Live Visitors Counter

Help your visitors in making a better sign up decision since they see others being online on your site. Show that they're not alone on your landing page.

28 people 
are watching our offer just right now

Events counter

"Must have" for every landing page. Improves conversion significantly by showing how many visitors already subscribed to your newsletter recently or downloaded your lead magnet.

119 people 
read our e-book "100 Proven Ways to Use Social Proof"
in the last 24 hours


Build trust by presenting your competitive advantages. Thousands of customers subscribed? Hundreds of loyal readers? Show off this information to your website visitors!

3 years in the market! 
100.000+ subscribers already.
Just 2 e-mails per month.

Reviews & Testimonials 

Choose your favorite reviews or testimonials and show them in front of your website visitors. Build trust by presenting the best opinions about your service.

"Each e-mail provides the latest information about the economy and the financial sector. Highly recommend."
John, 9.05.2020

Recent sign-up or download

Notification shows all the individual sign-ups or downloads that have just happened recently on your website. It will help you in building social proof showing that visitors trust you.

Mark  (Paris, FR)
subscribed to our newsletter recently
4 minutes ago

Total visits counter

Present how many people visited your website in a given period of time.

695 people 
people visited our website and read about social proof
in the last 2 hours

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