Social Proof For E-commerce, Amazon and eBay use all social proof with fantastic results. Veltis now gives you the same opportunity. Social proof notifications regularly boost sales by up to 18%.

By investing only 10 minutes' time in registration and plugin installation, you can present your visitors with real-time data about how many others have visited your store, how many orders you have had recently, highlight your best products, and much more.

Track Results

We run notifications as an A/B test to show you the exact result of how much it improves your conversion rate.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Trust is the key in e-eommerce transactions. If you show your visitor that others have already trusted you, they won't go to your competitors.

Alternative Text
13 people 
bought Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB from our online store
in the last 48h

Real-time Social Proof Notification Examples

Designed especially for e-commerce

Recent Purchases 

Show all the individual purchases that have just happened recently in your online store. It will help you in building social proof, showing that customers are buying from you right now!

Mark  (Paris, FR)
just placed an order for brand new Apple iPhone XS in our online store
4 minutes ago

Live Visitor Counter 

Show your visitor that they are not alone in your store! Reduce friction, doubt, and build credibility.

28 people 
do their shopping in our online store just right now!


Build trust by presenting your competitive advantages. Five years in the market? Thousands of customers served? Always free delivery? Show off this information to your website visitors!

15 years in the market! 
200 000+ completed orders. Always free delivery and return.

Product Popularity 

Notification designed especially for e-commerce websites. It's displayed only on the product description page and shows the recent purchases made for this product in your online store.

What's important is Veltis automatically recognizes product pages, so unlike all competing solutions, you don't have to set notifications individually for each of your products.

7 people 
bought Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB from our online store
in the last 48h

Reviews & Testimonials 

Choose your favorite online store reviews and show them in front of your customers. Build trust by presenting the best opinions about your service.

"Immediate impact on our conversion rate. Spending only 10 minutes integration time we boosted our sign-ups conversion rate by 10%!"
Mark, 7.05.2020

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