Product overview

You can display on your website multiple fully configurable social proof notifications

Recent Activity

It shows all the individual sign-ups or purchases that have just happened recently on your website. It will help you in building social proof showing that customers are buying from you.

Jonathan  (London, UK)
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4 minutes ago

Events Counter

A notification shows the total number of people who have recently signed up, started a free trial, or made orders on your website in a given period of time. Show visitors that others are actively using your service!

19 marketers 
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Live Visitors Counter

Your site is popular, so let others know it! Live Visitors Counter shows the number of people currently viewing your site. This helps visitors in making a better sign up decision, since they see others being online on your site.

28 people 
are viewing this website right now!


Build trust by presenting your competitive advantages. Five years in the market? Thousand of customers served? Always free delivery? Show off this information to your website visitors!

15 years in the market! 
200 000+ completed orders. Always free delivery and return.

Product popularity

Notification designed for e-commerce websites. It's displayed only on the product description page and shows the recent purchases made for this product in your online store.

10 people 
bought Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB from our online store
in the last 48h

Total Visits Counter

Similar to "Live Visitors Counter" - this notification allows you to present the total visitors number of your website for a given period of time. Let your visitors know that they're not alone!

695 people 
people visited our website searching for social proof app
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Reviews & Testimonials

Choose your favorite online store reviews and show them to your customers. Build trust by presenting the best opinions about your service.

"Immediate impact on our conversion rate. Spending only 10 minutes integration time we boosted our sign-ups conversion rate by 10%!"
Mark, 7.05.2020


All notifications are fully customizable

Set your custom message

Use variables e.g. {{first_name}} just bought {{count}} pieces of {{product}} to fully customize your message.

Track Increasing Sales

Notifications can run as an A/B test to show you how by much Veltis is increasing your conversion rate.

Live preview

Our notification wizard allows you for a live view of each of your notifications during their configuration.

Custom design and colours

You can set colors and icons of each notifications tailored to your website design.

Display Rules

You can set on which pages and devices notifications should appear.

Form Autocapture

Veltis automatically capture form submissions. It does not require any setup from your side.


Veltis' superpower is speaking even in Polish :) If we don't have your language on supported list just let us know and we will fix it!

Brilliant Support

We want our product to provide you with as many profits as possible. We will adapt it to your needs and requirements. Just check us out.

30 days free trial

A/B tests + 30 days free trial is enough time to test if we bring you any benefits. No results? No payment. To start you only need to cop&paste code snippet into your template or install plugin. You risk nothing. Start free trial now!

Veltis integrates easily with your website

Social proof notifications can be easily added to any website, by using Google Tag Manager or adding the pixel yourself. In addition, we have ready plugins that take full advantage of the notification options:



+20 other integrations and growing



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Product FAQ

If you have some other questions, please use chat at bottom right.

Can I show notifications loaded with fake data?

No. Our goal is to deliver to your customers credible, real data.

My site is not so popular and I don't have many orders/visitors ?

Of course notification "1 customer bought this product in the last month" doesn't make sense. That's why you can set a time frame for each individual notification. If there is no enough data or the number of events is below the value you have set, then the notification will not show up to your visitors.

Do I have to know how to code?

No, no coding skills required at all. Just copy and paste a code snippet into your website template or install one of our ready-to-go plugin dedicated to your website platform.

Can I change the colors of the notification?

Yes, you can change the icons and colors of each notification separately and customize it to your website design.

Are notifications mobile friendly?

Notifications are prepared for all kinds of devices and screen resolutions but you can disable notifications on mobile.

How do I know if this product actually increase sales?

All data are present at your dashboard. We run all social proof notifications on your website as an A/B test by default. That's why we can accurately determine by how much veltis.io is increasing your conversion rate. Read also our case studies.


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