Increase Your Website Conversions With Social Proof Notifications

We help your visitors feel confident about their buying or sign-up decisions. Veltis displays recent visitor and customer actions on your website to gain trust, credibility and boost conversion


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Why use Veltis?  

Your site looks empty

Trust is one of the key factors in converting customers online. About 98% of visitors leave your website without taking any action. Most of them don’t believe you can be trusted. They don’t know you and how popular your website is.

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Make it Crowded with Social Proof

Our app turns real-time data into social proof messages. These notifications show how busy your website is, how popular your products and services are, and many more. All this instantly builds trust and credibility. Social proof notifications help your audience feel confident about their purchase or sign-up decision.

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Watch the Results

We can guarantee more sales. Using Social Proof notifications is proven to increase sales and sign-ups even by up to 15%. On the dashboard we present you detailed information about how much social proof notifications increased your conversion rate.

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Your Social Proof Toolkit

Increase conversions and the credibility of your website or online store with social proof notifications.

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"Immediate impact on our conversion rate. Spending only 10 minutes' integration time, we boosted the conversion rate of our sign-ups by 5%!"
Mark, 7.05.2020
Built-in A/B test

Track the True Conversion Lift

All social proof notifications are displayed on your website as an A/B test by default. Since a small control part of visitors will never see notifications, we can accurately determine the positive impact of our product on your conversion rate.

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We ran the A/B test during the hot Christmas season and conversion was 13,8% better for customers who saw social proof notifications. An amazing result, I highly recommend

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